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Mitochondrial DNA-LL-37 complex promotes atherosclerosis by escaping from autophagic r... 2016-03-04
BAP1 promotes breast cancer cell proliferation and metastasis by deubiquitinating KLF5... 2016-03-04
Ataxin-3 like (ATXN3L), a member of the Josephin family of deubiquitinating enzymes, p... 2016-03-04
Two new types of allergens from the cockroach, Periplaneta americana. Allergy, 2015, 7... 2016-03-04
Melatonin attenuates MPTP-induced neurotoxicity via preventing CDK5-mediated autophagy... 2016-03-04
Interference of TRPV1 function altered the susceptibility of PTZ-induced seizures. Fro... 2016-03-04
A pain-inducing centipede toxin targets the heat activation machinery of nociceptor TR... 2016-03-04
Chronic constant light-induced hippocampal late-phase long-term potentiation impairmen... 2016-03-04
Despair-associated memory requires a slow-onset CA1 long-term potentiation with unique... 2016-03-04
Light exposure before learning improves memory consolidation at night. Sci Rep, 2015, ... 2016-03-04
Cortisol responses to chronic stress in adult macaques: moderation by a polymorphism i... 2015-01-20
A potential wound-healing-promoting peptide from salamander skin. FASEB J. 2014, 28(9)... 2015-01-20
A short peptide from frog skin accelerates diabetic wound healing. FEBS J. 2014, 281(2... 2015-01-20
Promoter variant rs2301228 on the neural cell adhesion molecule 1 gene conferring risk... 2015-01-20
Tree shrew database (TreeshrewDB): a knowledge base for Chinese tree shrew genome biol... 2015-01-20
Mapping genetic variants in the CFH gene for association with leprosy in Han Chinese. ... 2015-01-20
Independent birth of a novel TRIMCyp in Tupaia belangeri with a divergent function fro... 2015-01-20
Abnormal anxiety- and depression-like behaviors in mice lacking both central serotoner... 2015-01-20
Diverse forms of HIV-1 among Burmese long-distance truck drivers imply their contribut... 2014-09-29
Tongshu Capsule down-Regulates the expression of estrogen receptor a and suppresses hu... 2014-08-29
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